Time crunched, best way to spend 2 hours

Between work,life, and the winter weather I really can’t get more than a 2 hour ride in.

I live in northern Maine which routinely sees 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

If I’m honest it’s pretty tough mentally to rock the trainer in my pain cave for over 2 hours as well.

So what is the best way to spend the 2 hours max I have ? I want to attempt to make up for not being able to ride 3-4 hours +.

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I really like It Seemed Like Thin Air (Mash-Up) which will take you 2:28 hours to complete. It’s a nice workout and to quote the official description:

Who needs the alps when you have this abomination of climbing? If you’re looking to churn out enough tempo work to make the domestiques at team sky look twice this is the one for you. Believe it or not, packing so much tempo into 2.5 hours gives this session the same endurance building power as a 5 hour “Zone 2” ride. That being said, tempo efforts burn through more carbohydrates than endurance pace, so don’t forget to eat during this epic ascent.

If this workout length is already stretching your limit a bit too much, you can always go with Blender (1:42 hours) and get a nice workout done. :slight_smile:
If you feel up for it and are on a smart trainer; switch to level mode, ride on rpe and give it all you’ve got.


What he said :point_up:t2:

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time is 1:50 ish and is also a good option.


Depending on your current level of training, look at our advanced plans (eg: all purpose road) which has long rides or back-to-back workouts on a weekend rarely over that 2hr mark.
Having said that, it is worth considering the add-ons in our app so a plan with slightly less cycling but leaving you with time to do strength, yoga and mental toughness components.


Thank you for the suggestions. I’m coming off a long break. But I really do love getting out for century rides both metric and imperial.

I want to rebuild my fitness and I have a habit of thinking 20 steps ahead.

Just thinking of other options, as @Coach.Rupert.H said, the general road plans often have 2-2.5 hour rides scheduled at the weekend. These are often a combination of 1 hour rides eg Revolver followed by Angels at reduced intensity, have a look through the plans and they’ll give you an idea of combinations. Alternatively hit a workout then put an Open video for zone 2 work to make up the rest of the time.

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Do you have zwift?

If you have a smart trainer and a power meter, you can minimize the SUF workout video while still seeing the workout goals. Can make the longer sessions more tolerable!