Time Trial High Volume 3:1- Volume problem?

Dear @Coach.Mac.C ,

I am preparing my training for after the current plan (Allround High Volume 3:1) finishing end of January. As I am riding Masters TT, I was thinking to take the TT Plan (as I see that is has been updated from last year). But I find something quite strange regarding the volume during the first 3 weeks. I compared with the current Allround and three building blocks (FTP,Tempo, MAP)

In the table below, I took the resting / tappers weeks away and considered 3 blocks of 3 weeks. Is its normal, and if it is, what is the explanation, that the first 3 weeks of the TT Plan have 7 hours less than the second block (weeks 5-7) and the third (weeks 9-11) ?

I find the volume very low (and also the TSS). Coming off the Allrounder plan, even with a week of rest in between, I wonder if the stimulus is enough.

TT High 3:1 Allround High 3:1 Threshold High 3:1 Tempo High 3:1 MAP High 3:1
TSS IF hours TSS IF hours TSS IF hours TSS IF hours TSS IF hours
Weeks 1-3 815 0,74 15:37:00 1366 0,73 24:32:00 1411 0,73 24:15:00 1098 0,70 22:33:00 1237 0,72 20:24:00
Weeks 5-7 1268 0,77 22:44:00 1429 0,75 24:21:00
Weeks 9-11 1255 0,73 23:01:00 1421 0,78 23:04:00

Is it an error ? Or perhaps there is something I do not understand.

Thank you and regards from Switzerland.


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Hello @flongchamp! Looks like you found a couple errors in the Time Trial High Volume 3:1 plans that we’ve updated. While the first 3 weeks are still lower than the Allround & Threshold plans, its been updated to a 3-week total of 18:00 hours and 1,024 TSS for weeks 1-3. As you have probably seen, we know that TSS does not fully account for intensity in all ways so we don’t use that as a completely reliable proxy for actual intensity for a few reasons.

I would suggest that even though the first 3 weeks might be reduced relative to the Allroad, that it would still provide stimulus…as it’s not necessary to always be doing more in both volume or intensity terms to be making progress toward your goals. Happy riding & racing! Neal

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Hi @Coach.Neal.H , thank your for your quick reply and the adaptation of the plan. I think that those 3 first weeks a little bit reduced won’t be bad as it will be the time I plan to transition from road bike to TT bike :slight_smile:

If I may ask a question:

  • Week 17 TT B Race (first of the season)
  • Week 21 TT B Race
  • Week 25 TT Swiss Nationals Masters A Race

After my high volume all purpose plan, I was thinking to start with the TT plan until the first race (week 17) and then do building blocks (Vo2Max or Threshold) until the championships. Is this a good idea? Should I do the opposite?

Thank you very much

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