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G’day fellow Sufferlandians,

Having recently completed to Crit training program over the past three months I’m now looking forward to a month of “just riding” - group rides that get dropped during a training phase.

Late February I have a local mountain race that’s pretty a ITT for about 1h15m. I have no chance winning my grouping with this one, but would still like to better my time from last year.

After that I need to focus on a trip to the French alps in late May so should be looking to increase my FTP (or at least maintain current) while dropping a couple of kg.

So my questions are - should I enter into a low volume TT program for the lead up to the mountain race, followed by a block for FTP builder?

Reason for the low volume is to allow for three solid indoor sessions per week while still managing group rides on the weekends for endurance.

Also not sure what program is most suited for building FTP, any advice would be great.


TT plan is naturally focussed on FTP and also has long weekend rides. It might suit your target well as the first few weeks of it have low cadence work which helps with neuromuscular efficiency but will also be useful for lower cadence when climbing. It also includes MAP work which will also be important on the climb. I’d say that would be a good option, but have a look at the medium and high volume TT plans too as the weekend volume may suit the riding you’re planning to do.


Hey @TTDragon thanks for that. I’ve just uploaded a high volume TT program form the next 3 months commencing early December.

With the weekend sessions that are programmed - I should just set those aside if I’m doing a group ride? The Saturday morning bunchie is normally a decent tempo with surges and climbing. Sometimes feels like a training ride.

Either that or I push the planned session in to the week but run the risk of injury from over training.


I’d probably do your weekend group ride instead of the harder weekend schedule ride, then on the other day ride zone 2, and try to keep the total weekend riding similar to what was in the plan. For example week 3 has FTP Prog 1 and Making An Hour Record on the Saturday, totalling 1:50, and the Endurance 3 (3:00) on the Sunday, so a total of 4:50 for the weekend. I’d do your group ride instead of the Saturday ride, if that ended up 2:30 the ride for around 2:20 at zone 2 on the Sunday. Just watch out in case your need extra recovery after a particularly spicy group ride!

*Just my ideas, I’m not a coach!

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