Time Trial or Granfondo Plan?

Did twice 12 weeks Granfondo advanced this season (between November and August), was great for the preparation of two Granfondo.

Next year I plan 2/3 Granfondo and some TT. My first Granfondo will be end of April 2021 so I have plenty of time… as search some variety in my training (other videos and workouts on the road) I was thinking to begin with the 12 weeks TT with strength in November and then the 12 weeks Granfondo with strength in February.

Is there any downside not to begin with the Granfondo Plan first ? Does it give a good base or is it to specific ?

Many thanks !

Let me start by saying; in my opinion (not a coach!) you can’t go wrong either way.
The plans are all tailored to your personal 4DP profile and will make you work on becoming a well rounded athlete.

It all depends on how serious you take your events, I guess. Since you already did two Grand Fondo plans you should know what this plans have in store for you. If they provided a good preparation you could just go for it again.

But wouldn’t it be more fun to try something new and shake up the routine?

Whatever you decide, make sure you get enough rest and don’t risk injury by taking on too big of a training load.

Maybe one of the coaches will chime in and give you a better reply.

Otherwise, if you need help choosing a plan, you can always contact the minions: theminions@thesufferfest.com .