Next Training Plan Question

Hi, I just wrapped up the 12-week Gran Fondo training plan and the event last weekend.

No events planned in the future right now. Question - What SUF training plan or blocks would be effective at continuing to build my power on the bike given no immediate specialized training needed?


I think it depends on quite a few factors, including your previous training history and how fatigued you are feeling at this point. If you are still making significant gains and feeling relatively fresh then you could take a short break and then push on with another build plan like All-Purpose Road. But if you think you have already reached close to your full potential then you may want to back off a bit and drop into more of a holding pattern for a little while. In that case a base or tempo block could be useful to fill in some time and reduce fatigue while you plan future events/goals.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Considering recovery this week and re-testing the 4DP next week prior to starting a new 12-week build plan or FTP block.

Sounds good. In the long term I try to make sure I balance build phases with enough recovery and lower intensity base. For example this year one of my main events has been pushed back from July into late September, so I’ve backed off my build plan for a while so I don’t peak too early and risk fading later in the year. I’m now midway through a base block and enjoying the recovery. I’m starting to look forward to my next build plan fully refreshed.