Too many similar and low range of training plans

I find chosing a Suf training plan very confusing and convoluted.

With all the data of our strengths and weakness you should be able to input your experience, target event, sports and volume and for the program to recommend a plan.

It is perfect as it is with the global pandemic. But as options increase i see myself drifting away from the plans.

For instance the following should be addressed:

  1. a plan that incorporates running and cycling alone
  2. a plan that incorporates gym and cycling

Please let me know your thoughts.

I think the answer I have seen to questions such as this is to buy a customized plan.

Sorry you are struggling with so many plans, we keep adding new plans to cater for the variety of events people are working towards but we are discussing ways to make your shortlist easier on the eyes.

In the meantime, if you would like to discuss your training with a coach, we have a whole team here to help:

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Thanks. Just realised the strength workouts kind of replace the need to go to the gym. (I guess). Is that the aim?

I guess its just the running that would be great.

Love the app just providing ways in which I believe it could be better

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@Savman , I actually had this same complaint, but my wife pointed out to me that there is at least one cycling+running plan, under “All In / For Triathlon/Multisport”, then selecting the “No Pool, Outdoor running” option.

I’d consider myself primarily a cyclist who took up running early last year, but I’ll probably continue to do what I’ve been doing for running: weaving it into my training routine carefully and based on listening to my body’s feedback. I’ve found 5-10k easy runs are pretty easy to add as a second workout of the day or in place of one of the inspirational cycling videos.


I would love to see #1. Usually I pick a cycling plan that is one category below (in the novice/intermediate/advanced sense) the one I would choose if I were training for cycling alone, and move/substitute to fit 2-3 runs per week. It would be nice to have the run sessions as part of a SUF plan, and have them in the calendar. I liked the framework they used with the All-In plans for multisport - there was a no-pool option.

For #2, I add strength sessions to the plan that I choose, and use them as placeholders in the calendar to do my own thing. I did the SUF Strength sessions with All-In, but I really need to lift actual weights, and finally managed to score a bench and a set of dumbbells for the pain cave.