Training plan clarity - minion suggestion


On the Facebook page it is very common to be asked something like “I’ve just done my 4DP test and have a weakness in xyz… Which plan do I pick?”, is there a way you can some how make it clear to those with a new passport that they pick the plan that suits their needs, and that each plan is tailored to their weakness?

Just a thought!

How would the app know what said user’s goals and requirements are?

Somebody with a VO2 weakness who is targeting a season of crit racing is going to need a different plan than someone with the same weakness who wants to do a one-off hilly Gran Fondo in 9 month’s time, for example.

That’s exactly my point. We’re having people who are asking what plan to use for their weaknesses even if they are training for, say, a TT. We need to say that each plan is tailored to their weakness so if you’re training for a TT, then even if your weakness is AC you still pick TT plan, but some people don’t seem to understand that :+1:


As a new SUF user myself I thought it was already pretty clear. The plans are self explanatory and it tells you that they are tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses post FF test.

I’m not sure what else they could do? Maybe ask a few drop down questions regarding your main goals and then suggest relevant training plans to suit.

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Just point them to the FAQ…

Or point them to the forum where the coaches and minions hang out and answer these kind of questions


Right. Realized I misunderstood your point. Sorry for that. Good to know we came to the same conclusion anyway :grinning:

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Or an in app plan builder that lets you input your events and event type + an event flag which one is your Mt. Sufferlandria, then click “go” and boom there it is!

Also seeing there are two types of new users asking this question: completely new to training and those who have done base/build/specialty types of training. So the plans and plan categories could be confusing to both groups in different ways.

Some plans state its for non 4DP people, so not all seem to adjust to strength/weaknesses… I did post the question earlier in the other thread, will see if get reply to clarify

Hilly grand fondo, pick with strength:


  • Riders who have NOT taken the Full Frontal fitness test in The Sufferfest app OR for those who wish to base their training on RPE / FTP-based metrics”


A grand fondue sounds a bit Couchlandrian to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bloody autocorrect :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That is very odd as the plan does display the icon to show that it is customised for your 4DP profile.


I picked it up as plan have almost no sessions targetting my weakness. Change to non strength and lots of sessions targeting weakness… might be coincidence, hopefully one of Suf Coaches will clarify

I will be interested to know what the score is with this too as it will be my next major plan.