ToS 2022: Stage 2 - The Way Out - is OPEN! Discuss here!

Just a leisurely ride with Mike ‘Never Sit Down’ Cotty, right? The Way Out is one of those sessions that just creeps up on you and by the last interval you’re just begging for it to be over. GvA is keen to hear how your legs are feeling with that rather brutal Stage 1 in them. Onwards, Sufferlandrians - let’s hear your Stage 2 stories.


One word - Ouch!

Alternating cadence climbing intervals after a 2+hr race stage, pure suffering genius


Outch … 55rpm, serious.

Some insights from my pain-cave, even managed a couchlandrian attack:





Following Michel Cotty through the mountains at a steady pace, with plenty of opportunities to stand up and give my bottom a break, just felt like a blessing after yesterday. Stage 1’s surges broke me yesterday. This is the perfect “recovery” stage, even at 100%.


After riding that I really fancy some dauphinois potatoes. Didn’t get tricked into petting the dog, stayed focussed on the climbs & the gorgeous scenery. Not too tough after a big day yesterday, thank goodness, but you rarely get a break in this one - it’s all up!

Go well Sufferlandrians.

PS. Trying to play the “stand up when Mike does” game, is a killer. :joy:



When I looked at this stage, I saw

  1. Michael Cotty
  2. stopping to look at scenery
  3. cute dog

And I thought “recovery ride”!

It was anything but recovery… I’m trying to get ahead of tour as I anticipate needing a rest day after The Model, may need to take that rest day tomorrow now.


How are the legs feeling?

Just creeps up on you by the end?

Well all i can say is that today it didn’t creep up on me it hit me slap bang in the face from the start🤣

Doing Stage 2 after a 158km Reli Ride was a stupid idea…enough said!:rofl:


Imagine yourself in a world where you haven’t ridden in months. Yet, the Tour beckons and you answer the call. The first stage is long. And difficult. But you made it. Now imagine Stage 2. You are looking forward to trying to stand each time with Michael…only to realize in the first few seconds that you actually cannot. sit. down. At all. You ride all of stage 2 in a sort-of half crouched, off the seat position that tries to defy gravity and gives extra weight to the term “uphill grind.” :joy: I was expecting to be saddle sore, but this takes the donut for being the worst. Nevertheless it is a great stage! Happy pedaling to everyone who is set to begin! :partying_face:


That’s me having finished a ride with @michael.cotty.

Had to do it nuclear, I can’t look him in the face and dial down.


NOT the “easy day” I was hoping for. I’ll have to do this again with fresher legs and see how it feels. Starting to dread tomorrow mornings session. Nuclear!!


After yesterday’s stage, getting a chance to work on my sustained weakness was not exactly what I was looking for. At least it wasn’t Defender!!


Looked at this this morning & thought “it’s a bit Couchlandrian & has no place in the Tour”; 45 mins later revised my thinking. Will be really interesting to see the cumulative effect.


Random question but… can I buy the ToS poster somewhere? I’m DOING this so I’d like a permanent reminder…

Glorious session today. The drop down to 55 rpm was a devious trick, typical cotty nonsense.

5 to go. Today that feels like days till Christmas rather than penalties against Germany, plenty of time for the dread to build though.


Did anyone have problems with the video. I was stuck in one screen. Then it would just pause on me. I think it took me 1:20 to do the video. True sufferfest for me.


Try to download them before, that avoids problems like this. :+1:


Sir @TrapMeSuf ill do that Tuesday. The video was just all over the place. It the first time it ever done it to me.


Stage 2 in the bag! Thanked God I picked get me through it, even though I felt like a cheat because I can still walk after the stage (it put my ftp down to 80%).great video! The return to a workout with a soundtrack was a welcome relief. Those pro rides are almost too immersive… They stress me out!

Hats off to those of going nuclear. I would have to use my annual vacation to survive that!
Now, Beer time.

P. S. Where can I see what a completed ride was done at for percentages? Wondering what I did stage 1 at. It sure felt 100%, but I haven’t been riding often so can’t trust a feeling.