ToS 2023 dates?

Never to early to start thinking about the biggest event of the year….

I tried to look like, but could not find the dates for the 2023 edition, does anybody know? I have a work trip at the end of Feb/early March, and fear that I might miss out…


Priorities man! :angry:


Last year the first inquire about ToS 2022 date was in October 2021 (ToS'22). This year ToS 2023 date is inquired in August 2022. Tell me about “time is faster nowadays than ever before”. :crazy_face:


Well I missed out this year, so I have 18 months of anticipation building up and I just could hold back any more…


Well I did see some retail staff unpacking Christmas decorationsast weekend…


Sir Erik: Clear your calendar from Mid-January to Mid-March. then you can do TOS 2023 and then TOS 2022…


I should better prepare myself for this, my inaugural TOS.
Thing is, sometimes, due to work commitments especially when it requires travelling to other states or countries, it just gets in the way since I am only an employee.

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Davis Phinney Foundation has the dates as March 12 -18, 2023.
(Tour of Sufferlandria - Davis Phinney Foundation))


Seems like it may have been taken down. I get a “Page Not Found” error…

Odd for the dates to not be posted yet.

They have been posted:

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404 error on the site now. Looks like they weren’t supposed to “let the cat out of the bag”. Also, there’s been a large amount of feedback on this time as it is the week of Spring Break for most of North American universities and primary school systems.

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