ToS 22 and Comparability Questions

I’M BACK, whoop~whoop, (a bit scared really) and with a bigger and better pain cave.

I did my kinighthood last year and then not long after got rid of my pain cave and indoor bike set up and got back out on the roads and out in the hills - but before that I was part of a ‘secret’ shushhhhhh knights league before sneaking out the gates and escaping from the Kingdom. My question is; does anyone know if the league still exists and how I can get an invite back in please?

My other question is I now have a Concept 2 BikeErg in my pain cave that I use for indoor riding - It has power, cadence, speed etc that connects to the app but it’s not controllable by the app - I increase power and cadence etc manually. Can I use this for the ToS?

Thanks in advance and it really is true…

Once you’re in beyond the gates - you can never leave. You’ll get found out and come back with your sword between your legs begging for your seat back at the round table.

I’ll pick up the tab for everyone tonight at the tavern as my punishment for trying to sneak outta the Kingdom.

Cheers, Sir Bigbeardeddad KoS :crossed_swords::shield:


I dunno about the Concept 2 Bike thingy Sir Neal @Bigbeardeddad.KoS but as for that super secret league you speak of I’ve heard tell that Sir @JamesT may know a thing or two about it. Just don’t tell him I told you.