ToS Equipment & Cave Prep

Started my prep for ToS today in terms of Cave/Equipment. My cleats have been getting more and more squeaky so decided on a fresh pair for ToS :slight_smile:

Chain has already been cleaned and lubed. Next steps will be a general tidy of the Cave! Gotta have everything in place and organised for the Grand Depart :slight_smile:


Ha, first we had “saddle watch” and now we have “cleat watch”!

Mine. They’re in better condition than my saddle so good for at least another 8 years of “retired to the indoors”. Hmm, apparently I favour dismounting to the left.

(Saddle watch link… Tour of Sufferlandria saddle watch)

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I have lubed my chain.
I am also downloading all the videos (except, of course, Norway).

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I have downloaded Norway, so I am ready. Taper Efforts begin tomorrow.

Cleats - yeah they seem fine - MTB get a bit bashed but it’s only indoor riding … Saddle looks same as it always does … chain … errr, well reckon that’ll be fine … handily not been outside in a fortnight so it’s not too muddy.

Rider in need of tlc though …