ToS'21: Stage 5 - Norway

During the reveal of the fifth stage, and thanks to @DameLouiseK , we got a short glimpse into the new Norway workout.


It looks grueling - and so much fun.

Personally, I absolutely love the idea of having a brand new video be part of the ToS and am very excited about the overall theme of this video.
(Added Bonus - it’s not my only new one, since I didn’t experience Attacker or Cobbler first hand, yet).

What do you think awaits us?

The 4DP Focus was visible:
NM: 2 **
AC: 3 ***
MAP: 4 ****
FTP: 5 *****

I couldn’t make out further details.

What does Norway have to say about their cycling offerings:

High mountains, steep downhills, and rough terrain – at first sight, Norway may seem like a cycling destination reserved for hard-core road cycling or mountain and downhill biking. And sure, if you want a challenge on two wheels, we can help you with that.


It sounds like a perfect fit. :slight_smile:


What you can’t see is that it’s the new longest workout at 3.5hrs…


Looks like about an hour long, TSS in the 70-80 range. Profile looks a bit Team Scream-ish


The list of workouts for the 2021 Tour is in the Challenges section of your account.
You can see the descriptor for Norway there. The 4DP profile was not listed.


The training plan is live. Unfortunately, clicking on start does not do anything. Here is the 4DP Profile:


Hmmm… at least it is shorter than my Oslo-Bergen ride last summer (no overnight) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like a level mode ride

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Nope. You’ll absolutely want to do this one in Erg.


Looks like nothing but pain shakes to me.

Great tip, but I do not have an erg mode option…

This one will take some practice to get the shifting dialed in.

Very excited, nonetheless, to try this one.


This looks so cool!! Can’t wait.

TOS The gift that Keeps on giving!!! Looking forward to suffering through this one!

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Looks awesome. Definitely 100% in Erg mode for this one. Trouble is, the list of stages I want to do at 100% keeps getting longer - my plan for a sensible focused tour gets more nuclear every time I look at the parcours. :grimacing:


Just seen the parcours for this stage… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Great work GvA. Yeah, thanks a bunch.

I may be wrong but I don’t think this will be TOO hard. Looks like an IF of under 0.9 I reckon. If you see some of the lowest yellow/MAP sections compared to the highest blue sections you’ll see that a lot of time is spent well under FTP.

I could be totally wrong and I’ll end up in a heap on the floor after doing it, mind!


As the old saying goes, “That’s why they play the game.”

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I’m of the weebl and Bob generation in that when I hear or see the word Norway I think “where can you see lionnnns, NOT NORWAY!” (if you know you know) soooo I’m going to use that as my motivation song to help get through this one. Looks wonderfully painful. I look forward to the suffering!


Best make sure your floor is clean come the day.


It looks like a hell of a lot of short sprints. That’s going to hurt on day 5

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Helps to have connections at the Tavern… Leaking the Norway stage here…