ToS focused option depend on rider type?

Just curious if the focused option of the ToS takes our rider type into consideration when it sets the reductions

Your reductions are based on rider type, workout, and which metrics are used.

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Choose this option if
You want to ride a good Tour, but don’t want it to compromise your goals a little further down the road. You want a mix of full gas stages and reduced intensity stages. This plan will ensure that you nail the stages that matter most for your continued improvement.
Special Notes

  • You might find it frustrating on days when you feel great to keep the intensity low(er), but rest assured the Tour will still grind you down…but not so much that you won’t rise again for your goals down the road.
  • It’s still going to be really hard, so it’s critical to stay on top of nutrition, hydration and rest/recovery since you’ll be riding 7 days straight!
  • You’re going to recover faster than if you choose the nuclear option…about 5-6 days depending on how much you rest immediately after the Tour. Learn more about the ToS

I haven’t used training plans before, thus I don’t really know the difference of choosing the different options in training plan section.
I have chosen the focused option. Does this means that the intensity is already reduced by default?
Or do I just get the advise to reduce intensity of different stages by X%?

If you launch the workout from the calendar then the plan reductions will be automatically applied. You can check this by clicking through to the Settings tab when the workout player launches. Don’t forget that you can reduce or increase the intensity based on how you’re feeling on the day - that’s entirely up to you and your legs.