Focused power targets on 'part B' of ToS stages

I put the following question within the Stage 4 topic but wanted to raise it as a separate topic, to see if anyone can help:

"I have a question on the Focused option, which I switched to for Stage 3 onwards.

Targets are now showing as adjusted in the app for the rest of the ToS stages, but only for the first part of each remaining double stages (ie 4a, 6a & 7a). It looks like part ‘B’ of the double stages are still at 100%, starting with GOAT today but also for 6b and 7b.

Is that correct??"

Any thoughts appreciated!

Hey @Geraint,
Yes, depending on your rider type, the focused plan changes which workouts are at 100% or reduced. There is a plan which has all of the “b” workouts at 100%, so I assume that’s the plan you’re on. It’s the “no rider weakness” plan. That must be the plan you’re on.


Ah, OK - thanks @Coach.Suzie.S. I’ll have a look at the app and see if there’s a better plan for me - I’ve really struggled the first few days so a slightly dialled down Stage ‘B’ might be the way to go for me!

You can always dial down the workouts yourself to whatever level you feel comfortable.

Yep, looks like I’ll need to do that. About to go in…

Yep, that might be my favorite feature of the app, especially during the Tour!! :slight_smile: