ToS LIVE Route Announcement: 1 Feb 7pm USA EST

All will be revealed – and discussed! – by myself along with @Coach.Neal.H and @dylan.robbins . Join us LIVE to share your thoughts and ask your questions (requests for mercy will not be granted). What do you hope to see/not see in the route this year?

Date/Time: 1 Feb at 7pm USA EST (2nd Feb 11am AUS EST)
Location: 2022 Tour of Sufferlandria Route Announcement - YouTube
Sign up for the Tour here: 2022 Tour of Sufferlandria - Davis Phinney Foundation


It’s been 7 or so years since my last ToS, let’s see if you’ve mellowed.

FYI, Sirs @David.McQuillen.KoS and @dylan.robbins

I see there is a link to get your 2022 Race Bib ready but the dropbox site is showing for 2021 only for both the regular and for Knights. Tagging Sir @dylan as the “owner” of the site. Sourced from the Getting Ready Page and the Create your bib link

Edit: new link to 2022 Bibs here (already updated on the Getting Ready page).


Woohoo - Route Announcement Day is finally here!!!


Good spot @Glen.Coutts getting that resolved asap!


:crossed_fingers:Team Scream please GVA :fire::fire:

See you guys in a few hours!!


Looking forward to it. I’ll just wear my old bib until then :wink:

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You really don’t want to see me in a few hours. Or if you do I’ll wonder why you’re looking at me while I sleep :wink:

p.s. no problem with the timing. But can there be a small amount of live stuff in Europe compatible waking hours this year, pretty please :clock12::clock1::clock2::clock3::clock4::clock5::clock6::clock7::clock8::clock9::clock10::clock11:


Dito ! My wife will surely hurt me if she notices me getting out of bed @ 1 am for the route announcement :sweat_smile:


Two years since mine too. First thing I noticed is they’ve shortened it from 9 days to 7 days. Not sure when they did this though.

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Looking forward (with a certain sense of dread!) to hearing what the route is going to be!

Is the announcement going to be recorded for those of us who cannot join the live session?

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Yeah, absolutely. I think we’ll try too get a mix of Boulder/Hobart live sessions at a good UK time. What would be best? Early morning? Lunch? Evening?

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Last year was the first year we did that.


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Evenings for me. Ideally between 6:00pm and 9:00pm GMT

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What a fantastic route! I’m thrilled with Day 1, and terrified of Day 7….


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I have a strong desire to go nuclear but I’m also supposed to be running and swimming (triathlon training). This is not going to go well…

Scatchamagowza! …. they just went and poured uranium on my ToS nuclear plan @ Day 7 :exploding_head::boom::bomb::volcano: