ToS Stage 7 ! - OPEN! - Official Thread

I can’t believe it. Feeling a little stiff after the Queen stage. I’ll warm up quickly.


All done, thought the “route” was fantastic, the double stage days worked well (unlike my legs) and Norway was a great stage

Thanks to all who make SUF what it is :+1:


C’est fini
kataṃ karaṇīyaṃ
זה תם ונשלם


Tour complete on nuclear setting. Very satisfying. Attacker was easily the worst part of the week but willpower got me to the end.
Brutal week, epic suffering, strangely enjoyable. Congrats to all. :trophy::muscle:t2:


Just these last two stages to do tomorrow (Saturday) So far all at full 100% I wont say its been easy but Ive got this far and it hasn’t seemed as hard as I have expected. However I did notice my legs were feeling it today (6a 6b) and that was after a night shift on the ambo. looking forward to a good nights sleep to recover for tomorrow.

Update. All completed! Positively glowing in the dark on Nuclear level.


Congratulations to all that are finishing today. You Beat Your Ass. Honour, Glory and Victory is yours.

As the bouncers are starting to usher you towards the challenge of returning to your “life outside of the Tour” :disappointed_relieved: I’d like to invite you to stop by my merch stand on the way out where you can pick up a piece of personalised memorabilia that will capture your week of glorious Suffering in graphic form. Yes graphs are banned for the Tour but I won’t tell if you don’t :shushing_face:

Head down the steps, over the bridge, through the car park and you’ll find me at the back of the Nine Hammers tavern. Or just go here The unofficial Tour merch stand is now OPEN (*WARNING, HERE BE GRAPHS*)


TOS 2021 done. First timer and went nuclear. Real struggle on Defender but got though it and the lower cadences on Attacker helped me through. Proper chuffed. Now for some leffe !1


Well done, excellent effort.

I’m the same as you, although did it on focused, and although it’s been tough I kind of wished I’d done it on nuclear. But, so pleased I skipped my last 4DP from the 12 week programme and look forward to doing it in 2 weeks time.


Oddly did exactly the same with the 4DP test. Just was not feeling it. I think my FTP would have been 10 watts higher which would have made Defender a killer. Still 4DP come on the recovery plan and then 3 months of badge collection to come


Got my first time completion done at 8am ET And then sprinted out the door 20 min later! I wasn’t feeling it before getting on the bike but ended pulling through, I actually was energized on Attacker. Can hardly wait to celebrate with a little champagne tonight. I did a tour I’m proud of and raised some money for a good cause!


Tour complete! Wow. That was awesome. Had a tear in my eye at the end of Attacker.


I am sure the 7th Stage will be tough after six hard days…but the Honour, Glory, and Victory of arriving to the crowds at the finish in Agonia will make the PAIN MISERY & AGONY truly worthwhile


Hanging up the colours one last time. (After a double wash).


Gah. I just realized it’s supposed to be Defender THEN Attacker. But, I love Defender so much. Still considering doing Defender last… :grimacing: :crossed_fingers: But that seems sacrilege on the last stage. Ugh. :see_no_evil:


Thanks for this years tour, I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the challenge hasn’t given me credit for completing Defender - but I completed it (shows in my activities) - is it a case of just waiting for this to come through or should I contact Support?


I was thinking the same, but it is “so SUF” to put Attacker last. lol I love Defender and have not ridden Attacker before… Have fun! :upside_down_face:


Finished the tour, decided to finish with GLORY and went to full Wildebeest mode and did stages 6 and 7 back to back in semi-nuclear… oh what GLORIOUS PAIN I achieved! As soon I stop seeing minions and goats flying on ceiling I will prepare my self for couple veeery painful rest days…


That was a rough last stage for me. A sustained nuclear tour felt ok except for 9 Hammers and Attacker. Keeping Carlyle’s quote in mind (the persistence in the face of obstacles one after interval 1 in defender) was what kept me going. I am thankful that this year we do not have an 8th stage like last years Gunter’s Granfondo. My legs are cooked. Best wishes to all, and thanks the leadership and minions in Sufferlandria for this mid winter reminder that the snow will melt and I’ll be on the pavement before long.


I am done. That was rough. However, was made so much easier having others alongside in the group ride. Now to try wash the dust of the tour off my tired legs!

For those yet to do Stage 7, my socks have a message for you!


Finished the tour a couple of hours ago and have been eating ever since. I am glad to be finished but also sad because this is such a fun week of riding and following along with everyone’s trials, tribulations and capers. Every day I laugh, get excited and get emotional, often at the same time!

I had the added fun of three separate water pipe breaks (Stages 3, 4 and 5) but we did manage to keep power the whole time, so that was nice. All in all it is a matter of perspective, and one needs to focus on the overwhelming number of positive things in life, rather than the few (sometimes impactful) negatives. I am so grateful to physically be able to complete the tour at Nuclear and raise money for a great cause at the same time. As Abi says, nothing else matters.

Wish you all the best in crossing the finish line!