ToS Stage 7 ! - OPEN! - Official Thread

Can you believe it’s finally here?


Hardly! I just finished Stage 5! :flushed:


First-timer here. Is this the right place to ask when this „tour of suffercountry“ is starting?

Also: Booom. :boom:

Edit (with a more sincere post):


Finally. I feel exhausted…
On the last interval of Attacker i was not even paying attention on the screen.
I just saw that Alaphilippe won at the end :hot_face:

I want to thank everyone that worked towards this year’s ToS.
It was my first one and i will definitely remember it.

Also congratulations to all that participated!!!


This was unreal. Very hard, I could barely drag myself through the Attacker. Thank you everyone who organized this, I had a blast!


That was awesome Sufferlandria!
Never thought I would get emotional finishing a virtual event. It was brutal and beautiful.

Thanks to all the participants for their humorous posts. You are the best.

I will now try to be the stillness for 48 hours😴


Pardon me, had to push to the front of the queue to finish ASAP.

Just the right amount of hard, dialled defender down to MAP 95% and FTP 90% and it felt ok, even the high cadence which i thought might break me. Still quite ground down by the End of the Defend, thought about dialling FTP down to 95% rather than Crack on the Attack but managed to push through at 100% mainly thanks to all the standing and lowish but not grinding cadence.

Now what better way to celebrate than a nap and a set of 4 nightshifts…



Made it to Stage 7 still on the nuclear tour … engine is OK but the legs are tired and the legacy weakness in my left knee is starting to show up. Going to use that 50 hour window wisely and get Defender done today so it has time to ease up before finishing tomorrow (on day 7 proper here in the UK). I can’t reduce the intensity now … too close to the glory!


Anyone else have dead legs today? Yesterday they felt pretty good, responsive, etc. Today, no snap, no power. Even the recoveries didn’t feel much different. Glad to be done.


Done. Nuclear on rollers, hit all the targets in all the sessions. Absolutely destroyed.
I was very well prepared having (completely by accident) my 4DP test due (which I skipped) at the end of a 12 week advanced plan on the day the ToS started. And I burnt some leave I had left over. That said it was tough and if I was working off 4DP numbers a week after testing I think I might have cracked. In fact, being completely honest, I know I would have.
Today’s sessions were great and awful at the same time. Defender is a brute and the third interval nearly did for me as I had to ride at 110 rpm to get the power targets right. Normally high cadence efforts are fine for me but not today. I had never done Attacker before and I found it easier - thankfully. If the order had been reversed things would have been even messier. The final interval with JA on the Muur is best of SUF.
Best of luck to everyone else on the tour. Well done to the SUF team. Not looking forward to the victory lap…


I’m looking forward for riding it tomorrow, I’m still in nuclear mode and I’m glad having push myself beyond my limits.
This is definitely the best training plan ever, I’ll do TOS next year as well for sure.

And recently a voice appeared in my mind stronger and stronger saying knight, knight you must try a knighthood…


Defender + Attacker. Creating memories. Two more times.


I can’t believe it. Feeling a little stiff after the Queen stage. I’ll warm up quickly.


All done, thought the “route” was fantastic, the double stage days worked well (unlike my legs) and Norway was a great stage

Thanks to all who make SUF what it is :+1:


C’est fini
kataṃ karaṇīyaṃ
זה תם ונשלם


Tour complete on nuclear setting. Very satisfying. Attacker was easily the worst part of the week but willpower got me to the end.
Brutal week, epic suffering, strangely enjoyable. Congrats to all. :trophy::muscle:t2:


Just these last two stages to do tomorrow (Saturday) So far all at full 100% I wont say its been easy but Ive got this far and it hasn’t seemed as hard as I have expected. However I did notice my legs were feeling it today (6a 6b) and that was after a night shift on the ambo. looking forward to a good nights sleep to recover for tomorrow.

Update. All completed! Positively glowing in the dark on Nuclear level.


Congratulations to all that are finishing today. You Beat Your Ass. Honour, Glory and Victory is yours.

As the bouncers are starting to usher you towards the challenge of returning to your “life outside of the Tour” :disappointed_relieved: I’d like to invite you to stop by my merch stand on the way out where you can pick up a piece of personalised memorabilia that will capture your week of glorious Suffering in graphic form. Yes graphs are banned for the Tour but I won’t tell if you don’t :shushing_face:

Head down the steps, over the bridge, through the car park and you’ll find me at the back of the Nine Hammers tavern. Or just go here The unofficial Tour merch stand is now OPEN (*WARNING, HERE BE GRAPHS*)


TOS 2021 done. First timer and went nuclear. Real struggle on Defender but got though it and the lower cadences on Attacker helped me through. Proper chuffed. Now for some leffe !1


Well done, excellent effort.

I’m the same as you, although did it on focused, and although it’s been tough I kind of wished I’d done it on nuclear. But, so pleased I skipped my last 4DP from the 12 week programme and look forward to doing it in 2 weeks time.