Total count of each category of workouts

In the passport section, it shows the total number of videos completed. It would be great to include sub totals in the different categories under the “sessions completed” tag. So you could easy see not just how many times ones you’ve visited The Valley of the nine Hammers, or loosened you lower back, but also how many cycling/yoga/strength/MTP you’ve done.

Erik, or a list of yet to be completed workouts so you can filter then in during the year

@alchurch the list under sessions complete also lists the ones you have not. But I agree it would be nice to filter under the workouts tabs for ones you have not done yet, or in reserve chronological order of the last time you did them.

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You can sort workouts from date last ridden. Screenshot is windows app. Might help you both possibly?

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Yes, in the desktop version of the app, but not the iOS version.

Ah sorry, I only have windows and have never used ios, hoping for an android release at some point!

Like in Windows you cannot display the passport page that shows total number of activities, which I have seen people share before I assume that’s ios only?

Hi @Erik-KOS- great suggestion! I keep a list of all feature requests coming in from Sufferlandria- I’ll add this to our wish list for future development! Cheers!