Total Sufferfest Milleage

Is there any way I can find out my total milleage in Sufferfest?

I searched under Passport -> Records but I could not find it.

For a couple of reasons,
(1) Sufferfest can give us milleage badges like 300 km, 500 km, 1000 km, 3000 km, 5000 km, 8000 km, etc mark. (my suggestion)
2) For smart trainer maintenance purpose (my reason)

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I accomplish this currenlty with a workaround.
I defined a new bike ‘kickr core’ in Strava and map all my indoor rites on this profile.

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If you have the free Elevate plug-in for Chrome, you can import all your workouts from Strava to do analysis and comparisons and then use keywords to filter everything else out.

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Smart trainer maintenance? What and when does it need to be done? I thought those are maintenance free?

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Not a chance. Similar to bicycle, smart trainers need grease and oil.

Guess Strava is the solution

Interesting. I wouldn’t know where to put that on/in my Neo. Cassette and chain, yes.

Dust it of now and then, keep it clean from sweat. Remove cassette twice a year to clean it properly.
That’s my drill.

Sure, but grease and oil, other than on the chain?

I do the same yes, chain only. I have the bike fully serviced though at the end of the outdoor season. After that, it goes onto the trainer and I maybe check the chain 3-4 times over the course of the same amount of months.

I have a dedicated trainer bike - I will occasionally clean it and bring it to the LBS to have the chain replaced. The cassette, I replace myself.

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Do you perform this manually in the strava app via editing the indoor ride once it is uploaded? If there is some way to automate this within strava, please share as I have not found this mapping in strava and sometimes forget to do the manual change of “bikes” within strava.

You have to do it manually every ride. The strava app/website is not smart enough (yet).
As for editing all your previous rides, elas. You have to edit them one by one. There’s no bulk editing option yet on Strava.

Right on. I look forward to strava getting smarter!

FWIW, I get a list of my indoor rides from the “Training” pull-down, “My Activities” and setting the “Sport” to “Virtual Ride”. As you say, you still have to manually select and edit the rides, but it is a quick way to find them all.


I realize this thread is a bit old, but you can use (Strava Automator) to do this. The rule is “if sport type = virtual ride then set activity gear = trainer” (or “KICKR” or whatever you’ve named your indoor bike). Strautomator is handy for adding weather stats to outdoor rides too, as well as a few other tricks.