Tour Food

What is everyone using post-ride to refuel? Also known as food! It always used to be “if you want to go faster, eat pasta” (at least in Italy). I suspect there is a huge variety on the plates of participants. In true Insta-style, show us your meal… :grin:

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Check out this thread:

Some people also mention food choices.


I decided to make a Tartiflette big enough to last me the week! This is about 3kg of potatoes, bacon lardons, onions, cream and Reblochon (french mountain cheese). Hear more about the cheese from Mike Cotty in “Getting Away With It” (IIRC) SYSTM The Way Out :cow:


Oh MAN that looks good!!! :drooling_face:

Reblochon is from The Way Out

I guess he didn’t RC :laughing: :joy:

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IDNRC! :joy:

Thanks for the pick up - had a feeling it might’ve been The Way Out. Lots of cows, milk & cheese in the Mike vids.

Don’t worry, I made it healthy by putting a green salad on the side. :wink: