Tour of Sufferlandria 2021

Have the dates been announced yet?


I’ll use it to get ready for my KOS day at the beginning of April.

Accoording to the Facebook group it starts February 14 but since that is a Sunday my guess it starts the 13th.

@David.McQuillen.KoS Can you call Grunter to see if I m right. I left my copy of Grunters number in the team car during TeamScream and…well…you know…fire and such…

Sir DMcQ also said that more information would be going out December 9th so :man_shrugging:. Of course, he didn’t actually say which year :wink:


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Typical GvA, we’ll have to guess the route in Feb 2021 because the announcement won’t be until Dec 2021. So to be safe and avoid disqualification it will be recommended by the minions that we ride each video everyday…


Any news regarding dates and route? After this horrible year, I’m really looking forward to some serious suffering (and need to hand in my leave-days)…

It does start on a Sunday. It’s a little different in 2021. Not really easier though. More later.


Will there be a pre tour training plan again? If so do you know roughly when it will start yet? I am wondering if there is time for a 3/4 week building block before? Thanks

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I second this Q. the ToS prep plans have differed in duration over the years I’ve done them would be really good to know what to plan for

Let s just prepare for Pain, Agony and Misery and #itwillallbefine

@Sir_Craig Coach Neal mentioned a TOS plan would start around the 3rd or 4th in that youtube video discussion on Thursday. I’m hoping to see it in the app soon. Meanwhile, I’ve just started a 3 week block.

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@Jason_Blakeburn thanks for the info much appreciated!

I started the 3 week MAP building block this week so should be done in time! Good luck with your plan

TOS training plan now in the app


Welcome! You too!

I have started the prep-plan on 4 December, just following what it says to do. Though just wondered why the guys I agreed to do this with have got totally different plans. Is it our 4DP numbers that determine this. Also they did a numbers test whereas I used what I already had as I only did the 4DP about 3 weeks prior to 4 December.


Hi Gisela,

there are several Tour of Sufferlandria prep plans to choose from. Well, it’s one plan, but several modifications are possible.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
Option: No Recent Test or Fresh Test Numbers

Crosstraining: Yoga, Mental training and/or Strength

All plans run for 6 weeks and should start on the 4th of january.
Are you sure your plan started on the 4th of december? That sounds unusual.

In general all plans are modified according to your 4DP profile and your chosen modifications (level, options, crosstraining), which can translate to different workouts to cater to your specific strength and weaknesses.

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oops I mean January not December…durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


No worries. :slight_smile: I figured as much but wanted to be sure.

I hope my answer can help you.

sure thing all cool, I will just do what the plan tells me to do and fingers crossed I will get through the 7 days when they arrive, coolio :sunglasses: