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Unlike previous Tours, which took place over nine consecutive days, the 2021 edition has been pared down to a still-mighty seven stages.

We know what you’re thinking, “Only 7 stages?! Has Grunter von Agony gone soft? Have him report to Flogging Station #42 post haste!”

Before you all start marching towards the Nine Hammers Tavern with pitchforks and flaming chamois, know that this was not a decision that Grunter and the rest of the Tour Committee took lightly. We’re living in extraordinary, unprecedented times. Given the current realities, we need to make sure that we act in the best interest of the Sufferlandrian community, while still holding true to the spirit of the Tour.

The Tour is grueling. It chews you up and spits you out…then picks you up off the floor and chews you up a bit more just to make sure it got all of the juice out of you. In the midst of a global pandemic we need to be mindful of not encouraging anyone to unnecessarily compromise their immune systems. The point of ‘Suffering’ in Sufferlandria has always been in the service of Honour, Glory and Victory; not to dig yourself into a hole so deep that you’re no longer able to do the things you love.

Will the 2021 Tour still be challenging? Despite being seven days, this is no walk in the park. You will be tested. There will be moments of doubt. But you will emerge victorious and live to ride another day. Besides, we want you to be able to join us for the tenth edition next year. I hear Grunter has something…special planned.

Other changes for the Tour this year:

  • The Official Race Village will be here in the SUForum as opposed to the Facebook Sufferlandria group. This allows us to better create the experience we want without any ads, algorithms, or privacy issues.
  • Registration will be US$15. Additional chances at the prize pool will still be US$10. We have an aggressive fundraising goal this year and seeing as how we have never raised the registration fee in nine years, we felt it was time.
    Tour Prep Training Plans are available now in the app . They start January 4th and end February 13th. There are two versions:
  • One for those who have done Full Frontal or Half Monty in the past 6 weeks
  • One for those who have NOT done Full Frontal or Half Monty in the past 6 weeks

Both versions have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced options, which corresponds to the amount of training time per week the plan entails (not your experience as a cyclist).
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Hum 7 day’s…:smirk:GvA Sufferlandria plan I know will be AMaSUFFERING like Dame Alissa Stage 8 ToS 2015’: Revolver, VIOLATOR, Half as Easy; a good spot for a wildcard stage in 2021… Stage 2 in 2021 from 2013 stage 6: The Wretched & Long SCREAM…a Stage 1, 2021, from 2017 stage 8: Revolver, Revolver is Easy, Half as Easy…Now her is the QUEEN OF ALL QUEEN STAGES…2016 stage 8: A Very Dark Place & 9 HAMMERS :scream::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl::volcano: Because Every Sufferlandria needs a Warm Up for the HAMMERS.

Just some thoughts from Sir Shrek after my ToS Quest this year​ :rofl::t_rex::volcano::crocodile::clinking_glasses::pizza:


It’s thinking like this that is why I love Sufferfest! Looking forward to the Tour this year … it’ll be my first! :smiling_imp:


Looking forward to another great ToS!!! But some of the info in the links from the email still refer to the Facebook group and it being ToS 2020. Oops!

It’s gonna be Suffertastic!! Can’t wait!!


[quote=“DancingCyclist, post:4, topic:5697”]
it’ll be my first!
[/quote] Doc, You are going to love it!!! I did my 1st in 2018 and loved it SO Much…I just finished all the ones I missed while in Couchlandria :rofl: Get your yoga on and Solid nutrition…“It’ll be fine” :volcano: :volcano:


Woohoo. Tour no. 8 coming up!!



Could an FTP+MAP block have a similar impact like the Prep Tour + ToS?

Where is the SufStore?!
I need a flag to compete under!


In the diary. First ToS for me. Looking forward to the suffering


Very excited about this - haven’t done one before! And thanks for making this Forum a hub instead of Facebook… I ditched my account a few years back and I’m sure many others have as well.


I really hate most software and communities moving away from Facebook. I understand privacy and algorithm and so, but I found myself contributing much less (or nothing) once the discussion moved to the private forum.
I’m on FB everyday, and I can access it from my mobile device. Here I need to come on purpose to check what’s happening, and I need a laptop.


Calendar has been blocked off! This is the absolute highlight of the winter cycling season for me. Really looking forward to tour #6!

I’m also hoping we’ll get to see the “On Tour” videos again this year with @David.McQuillen.KoS and @dylan.robbins. I know its a big challenge to put together and edit a video every day while curled up in the fetal position after the day’s events but I really look forward to the first hand accounts of how the day went, to see the terror in their eyes when thinking about tomorrow and going through some awesome content posted by the community.


Hi @Simone_Chiaretta, you can access the forum on a mobile: Use the Discourse App to access The SUForum on your mobile device!


Its taken me three years to recover from the physical and mental trauma of the last Tour. Maybe I’m ready to do it again…

Yes I also left Facebook a couple of years ago and am very happy we have this forum as the hub for the Tour and everything else Sufferlandrian.



This will be my 8th TOS and looking forward to the fun … I mean suffering.


@genolan has already answered the mobile access thing.
Just wanted to add - when you do get that app installed and up and running it’s ideal for this kind of forum stuff.

And the FB conv would go in forever. Personally I’d rather never see Facebook again, but appreciate the many views.
Still using it while people are still looking for support in the SUF page for example but hopefully that still at some point end.


I would love to give it a crack… in winter. It’s disappointing that this only seems to suit the Northern Hemisphere. Here on the Southern Hemisphere I have the local XC champs that weekend and the Nationals the week after. Bit disappointing that it’s in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere summer and it’s not an option if you compete in any cycling events as this is the peak of the season… :pensive:

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Totally understand your disappointment. Still, you should also be happy that your races are not cancelled under the circumstances. Although we have far from the highest virus spread, there has hardly been any races at all here this season.