Training and still getting dropped - Drowning

Greetings to all!

I have found myself in a “not so healthy vicious cycle” (Downward Spiral?).

Lately I have been training non-stop, except for Christmas brake. Since last October I did:

  • Advanced All Purpose + Strength
  • Volcano Climbing + Strength
  • ToS
  • Last level of Strength Intermediate (up to 6B)

I still have not tested, but I do feel the gains since I managed to finish Angels extra comfortable a couple of days ago and ever since FF in December that workout was just draining me out! (I guess those with sustained effort weakness can relate).

The point of this post is that no matter what I do, my buddies keep dropping me during our group rides. They also train outdoors + indoors, but it seems to me as I will never manage to catch up. So what do I do after getting frustrated? Another training plan.

I am training without cadence sensor; how important is it for an effective training video?
Should I change training strategy?
Or just accept that physiology is a limiting factor out of our control?

At least my Strava PRs were off the roof last ride! =)

Thanks for your help! Is just that it is very frustrating seeing guys I used to drop leaving me as standing (anger)!


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Not a coach or physio, but this would concern me a little bit. Rest is your friend.

Not to be trite. I know you have more concerns and there’s a lot to unpack here for you - both mentally and performance-wise. But don’t neglect the importance of rest and recovery to your ability to improve.


I did Angels yesterday on fresh FF numbers and it broke me in the 3rd interval and I had to dial it down to 90% to scrape through to the end. If you found this workout “extra comfortable” then I would suggest you need to re-test to bump up your targets.

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This is where having a coach is super helpful. It sounds to me that you are still improving and just need to be patient with progress.

I personally don’t find cadence to be super important to track accurately. When I ride outside I just use the training intent - so a big gear when it is supposed to be 60 and spin at 100+ but I don’t focus on what the number actually is. When I’m on the trainer I do have cadence so follow it but only because I am in erg mode so don’t have to worry about hitting the correct power/gear.

Also when it comes to performance, my friends and I are all around the same level of ability but depending on the day we never seem to actually be near each other on a climb just due to how we may be feeling at the time.

Looking at it positively - you can use the fact your friends are faster as motivation to keep training. Their response the day you beat them up a climb will make it all worthwhile.


Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today. Genetics are crazy. I have friends who can run a 5 minute mile. I can barely crack 7 minutes. Needless to say, they were faster than me on the bike.

The competitive side of cycling is an interesting one. It’s not like football or basketball where you can rely on teammates or use skills other than physiology to win. With cycling, your physiology has to be within the ballpark of those you’re riding with or nothing else matters.

Ive come to terms with this and now find more joy in cycling when I just focus on myself, my training, enjoying the scenery and rides, and becoming an overall more healthy and fit person. I will still try to compete with my friends and win, but I’m not too worried about getting dropped or “losing.” Enjoy the ride.



Here is a link to a coaches post on cadence. Maybe you are overtraining, maybe your cadence could use work or maybe you are just riding with cyclists that are super athletes. Whatever the case, keep focusing on the areas that are in your control - proper training, rest, recovery, mental preparation and diet. Don’t focus on being the best - focus on being your best.

Why Does Cadence Matter


Hey Reynaldo, it sounds like you’ve been training pretty hard recently! @Coach.Spencer.R recently put out a great topic about the importance of recovery:

Especially considering you recently did the tour of Sufferlandria, that is a big challenge in itself!

As for cadence, I would say this will help a lot with your pacing. If you want to discuss your training in more detail we would love to help there too


“At least my Strava PRs were off the roof last ride! =)”

Sounds to me like you’re making great progress, take some enjoyment from that. You can’t beat yourself up if you are going faster than you have before just because others are still faster. Worry about what you can control and not what others are doing.

I’ve always had the mentality that I want to beat my own segment bests. Beating my friends is just a nice bonus every now and then. I know there will always be some I’ll never match, but just keep pushing myself to be quicker. Also, given recent events, I’ll just be taking pleasure in riding with others again when I can.


I 'm just done with my chat with @Coach.Spencer.R booked through the link @Coach.Rupert.H posted here. Very helpful and insightful conversation.

Thanks a lot for this feature it really helps amateurs like myself to figure out training strategies (supplementary to the plan).

Anyone out there who feels you are just randomly picking out workouts leading to ineffective training (when not following a plan that is), really give this a try and chat with a SUFCoach.

One thing I’ll change from now on: my intensity crave during the week leading to fatigued weekend rides.

Definitely worthy every cent!!


Thanks for the great feedback @Reynaldo_Lopez I am glad we were able to help and keep your training on track :bike:

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