Training apps to supplement Sufferfest?

@CPT_A Strava for social, EliteHRV daily, Wahoo’s app and the Element Bolt for cycling and Suunto’s app for non-bike activities like running, weight lifting, etc. which is uploaded to Strava. I have also used in the past and might try it again.

Strava plus the Elevate app for Strava in Chrome (free).

What does “Elevate” do?

Track all your activities together to get Fitness Trends and track stress, fitness, form, fatigue, etc. Progressions. Compare similar activities. Do deeper analysis, etc.


Golden Cheetah isn’t that hard & after a short learning curve it it is more flexible than the commercial options.

RGT cycling is no more complicated than Strava. The Wahoo App isn’t as glossy as some alternatives but it as flexible as any of them.

My God we’re a bunch of nerds.


Training Peaks

TrainingPeaks for cycling, lifting, speed walking, Strava for cycling.

I have spent more time trying to understand Golden Cheetah than the time I have spent understanding Training Peaks, Suf, and Rouvy combined.


Training Peaks
Wahoo iOS app + ELEMNT app
Final Surge (When I remember to check it)
Ride With GPS (When I remember to check it)
AutoSleep for iOS + WatchOS

Don’t you know, if you did a workout or ride, and the data was not recorded, it never happened? :wink:

If a tree falls…etc.


Today’s Plan (aggregate for all data)
Polar Flow (running with Polar Vantage V2 and syncs with Today’s Plan)
Strava (just for social, sharing)

I use Final Surge, which is free for athletes, to plan, track and do some analysis of workouts (swim, bike, run, strength, yoga). I am not as serious about analysis as people who use Training Peaks or Golden Cheetah, though, and those platforms do have some nifty features. I also analyze some of my data from my Garmin watch in the Garmin app. I use Strava, but mainly as a social media outlet and get inspired by others doing awesome things, not for actual data analysis or tracking. A possibly blasphemous thing to say is that I use a bunch of other apps in addition to SUF for strength training and yoga. Sometimes, I substitute a SUF strength training or yoga video for one from Nike Training Club, 7 Minute Workout, or the WOD Generator, which are also all free.

Circling back, I wanted to thank everyone for your input - it’s already paying off.

I started working with Training Peaks right after my post-ToS FF, and have been watching and learning as I’ve gone through my all-in plan the past couple of weeks. Not that my body wasn’t already sending me messages, but SUFF + TP helped me realize that I’m overtraining and need to dial it back.

I recall my coaches back in the day always preaching to only change one training variable at a time. Post-ToS I wanted to up my weekly hours on the bike, but I didn’t account for the increased intensity from new FF numbers, so I inadvertently increased both intensity and time. Looking at my SUFF data in TP I could clearly see the (over)stress on my system.

TL;DR, I scrapped the remainder of my current plan, am taking a couple of rest days this weekend, and will start a new plan - properly dialled in - on Monday.

So thanks again for all the feedback and advice. You’re a great bunch of nerds!



Strava as my overall tracker
Fitbod for weightlifting
MyPlate for calorie tracking

For those using TP, how do you incorporate SUFF plans into TP? I thought I’d come across a thread where SUFF plans were available in TP, but I’m not seeing that. From my auto-sharing, I see workouts are populating, but it’d be nice to have them track along together.

Already made the request up-vote to the minions, looking for how TP pros make it work.


@CPT_A I am pretty sure the minions have to get involved.

At one time, Suf plans were available on TP, but I believe that is no longer the case.

I manually enter the plan into TP. It does not take that long, and it takes less time, and is less painful than the last intervals of Nine Hammers.

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Perhaps of some use to you… I just posted in another forum thread here:



The other interesting thing is that you can see how the plans differ based on your 4DP weakness. I did a plan comparison of the plan applied to Training Peaks and what would be applied on the Suf Calendar, and they are very different. Not completely different, but different enough.

Clearly the plans have evolved, and they have not been updated.