SUF Stats - total kms / time ridden

Possibly more of a Strava question -Is there a way to track total number of suf workouts / SUF kms ridden / time ridden etc ? (I know virtual kms are not as meaningful as outdoor but would still like to know).

Maybe TP would do this as well but I dont have TP premium. TIA!

You could export every activity to a spreadsheet and sum the appropriate columns I guess?

(you are allowed to download all your activities via the app)

Otherwise SUF app isn’t a stats app like that

Hello, if you use Training peaks (i use free version) in the dashboard you could see it! also using it gives a week summary and total hours ridden, however not the number of workouts!

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A simple way if you just need distance is to create a bike called “Sufferfest” (or as in picture here SUFmachine) in Strava that you would associate to any Sufferfest workouts (requires a manual edit in Strava after every session) and that would give you a total distance ridden on that “bike.”


Yeah but then that gives your garage bikes more ammunition for when they want to divorce you for spending too much time with the SUF bike. Hmm, maybe just me.

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I use this add-on to google (only work on desktop) to use with strava account on Chrome browser

It will do all analisys of training as well it counts the distance riden
It’s free App.

Hey @Alexs71 - I have elevate extension but how do I isolate sufferfest? I can just pick between indoor / outdoor riding

On year progression you can toogle of Ride and let only virtual ride
Guess that will do the trick
Also on Activities you can filter it.

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Hi @Vik -not an answer to your question but a comment that we’ve had a few requests for this type of tracking feature in our calendar. I will add another mark to the tally for this feature on your behalf- Cheers and thanks for the great suggestion!