Training Calendar- recovered info

I am new to Sufferfest, I appreciate your help.

I had logged into my scheduled ride through the calendar and then the video feed froze and wouldn’t restart. I logged out of it, downloaded the video and then did the workout that way.

Now my calendar shows a “recovered” ride in orange and then my completed ride in grey. All of my other completed rides from the training program are green, and then any extra I have done are grey.

It is driving me a bit batty. Will this effect my completing the training program?

I tried to delete the orange “recovered” ride, but it will not let me.

Thank you!suffff

No it won’t effect it. All it’s saying is you went to do the workout, got 1 minute in and then abandoned it (orange). You then restarted and finished the workout so you’ve done it for the day (gray).

Thank you!