Ride the workouts on another day

Hi Team, my first ToS! Question: I did the both workouts yesterday (Sat) after 11AM (official start for Germany). I klicked on the workouts in calender ( Sun) and hit the run button, BUT… The workout was NOT green, but a new workout (grey) was created for saturday. I then marked the both workouts on Sun as done manualy. Is this how should be done? Will both workouts be accepted by the minions, so I will get the batch?


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Check on the challenges page if it appears as completed

If not, better contact support to sort this out.


Wow awesome! It says COMPLETE! and its green! Thank you!


That’s good to know.
You can contact support nonetheless and report it as a bug.

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It’s not really a bug, more like a feature :ant:

To get just one, green, workout move the entry to “today” before launching it. You can do that from the … menu, top right of the popup modal that you get when you click on the entry

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Oh yes, i must be blind.
I missed the part that the workout was on Sunday and he launched it on Saturday.
Sorry for that :grimacing:

Yep, I started it on Sat, but disn’t move it first. Saw the feature after I was done with bothe workouts.

If you forget to move the workout you have to do it twice or else GvA will hunt you down and make you do 12 Hammers. :sunglasses:



AH NOOOOO!!! :smile: Lucky me both workouts are green in my list :smiley: I’ll be more careful in the future. Thanks for the hints guys!

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