Training During the Winter Holidays

How are you planning to suffer during the winter holidays?

I’m currently following the transition up plan, which will end w/FF on Dec. 13. Looking forward to starting a plan immediately after but not sure how to adjust for the winter holidays or how to incorporate the Tour of Sufferlandria 21 (guessing early Feb?). My initial thought was to start an all-purpose road plan w/strength, yoga, and the mental training. But maybe thinking i should do some shorter, more focused plans prior to TOS, recovery week, then start the all purpose plan.

Still not sure about my goals for next year (been thinking about those since seeing the post from @Coach.Suzie.S). an initial list would be: follow and complete at least 1 Sufferfest training plan, participate in the 2021 TOS, maybe a knighthood attempt, set a new pb for 100km, and set a new pb for 100mi, participate in a gran fondo (one road and one gravel) if possible, bike tour/camp with dog and gf. i’ve been cycling for several years. this summer was the first time i followed any kind of structure to training, which wasn’t all that structured. Started Sufferfest in October and am excited to keep up the structured suffering. in canada, so indoor riding through march with the first few tentative outdoor rides in late march/early april.

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I was looking at the transition up plan, but for now I’m just trying to work through all the workouts I haven’t tried, yet, to get more badges. I’ve done too many to do the badge collector plan, so I’m going to do my own.

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If you know you are going to be training less regularly during the festive period, I would consider one of the 3 week building block plans. I would say tempo or base could be good options and this will carry over to January and you’ll be set for the year ahead :bike:

Thanks @Coach.Rupert.H

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