Anyone else getting "can't share workout to Training Peaks" emails after every session?

Started happening a week or two ago. After completing a workout, I get a “Hmm. We couldn’t share your recent SYSTM activity” email saying it wasn’t shared to Training Peaks. If I go into TP, it looks like everything shared properly. Although I think there were a couple times where that wasn’t the case.

I’ve disconnected/reconnected TP in the SYSTM app, tried doing a workout on a different device (same thing happens on phone, iPad, and computer), but nothing seems to work.


Seem to be getting the same email the last few workouts, although workout is appearing in Training Peaks.

Same here.

Same here. Started a few days ago.

I have been getting that and up until today they still shared with TP almost immediately.
Today, I got the message, and the workout was not shared until much, much later.

Same issue here, though even this morning it was shared immediately.

(I’m adding nothing to the conversation here I know…)

Same here…

Just so you know - it’s been reported as a bug

Same here