TrainingPeaks Integration/ Re-Authenticate Issue

When I logged into SYSTM today, I got the warning message to re-authenticate my TrainingPeaks account.

I completed my workouts and then disconnected and reconnected TrainingPeaks - I assume that’s what re-authenticate meant?

I then went back to the workouts done today, as they hadn’t synced, and added a note to force the sync, but still nothing…

Anyone else having issues?


Go to the Authorized Apps page in SYSTM (More=>Settings=>Authotized Apps (tab on top of page)). Reconnect Training Peaks from there.

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With the new authorization mechanism, I have noticed that the workout name is no longer sent to TP. This is a major annoyance for a training log. You cannot even select the workout name in SYSTM and paste it into TP.

Have others noticed this?


Same here. Training peaks just shows as an indoor ride. No workout title showing up.


My initial issue has been fixed by the very speedy team on SYSTM support so hopefully all new workouts will come through.

However, I have the same issue as you both in that workouts are now “Yoga” and “Indoor Cycling” without the workout descriptors.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon

I have put in a request to the minions.

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I did a workout today. First one since re-connecting to TP. The workout name synced just fine for me.

Edit: it was a cycling workout, workout type was set to “Bike”

That is the issue, the name does not come through.

The name on the workout came through just fine for me.


No change for me this morning. Showing in Training Peaks as indoor ride only again

Send a message to the minions.

According to the minions, a fix is being worked on.


What a weird one - I’m sure they’ll get it sorted. I wasn’t meaning to gloat, just to point out that I suspect the loss of title wasn’t intentional.