Training plan and TSS

Currently looking for a new training plan; without a very specific goal in mind I have a bunch of possibilities. This biking runner needs to incorporate his running workouts in the plan as well, it is quite convenient to have a feeling for the total training load. Simply volume in hours doesn’t tell the whole story.

Is it possible to see somewhere the weekly TSS for each plan?

So far as I know, you only get planned and actual hours listed for each week. You’d likely have to calculate TSS yourself.

Third party at the moment. Push to Training Peaks,, Strava premium or download into Golden Cheetah or WKO5


I listed rides of a certain type on a spreadsheet. I listed them into 4 groups by tss numbers. Then chose a ride from each group each week to give me my schedule. This way I got the tss to increase gradually for a few weeks before adding in a recovery week , the rides with lower tss scores. I did this
instead of the tour prep plan and it worked for me . I added the yoga and strength plan to give me 6 suff workouts a week.The day off was my pilates day.


Thanks, that confirms my feeling. Time to figure out what possibility works best for me :slight_smile: