Off-road tri plan TSS values


ive started the off-road tri plan and was wondering why there’s so little cycling involved in each week?

Most tri plans have the majority of the time spent on the bike (I usually train almost twice as much time on the bike as run.) In the past my weekly TSS values would be in the 500s on easy weeks up to 800s on tougher weeks, with the cycling component being 3 rides with 250-400 total TSS. I’m well trained (20 yrs doing tris and 5x world champs participation)

my goal is xterra / ITU xtri age group world champion - to date I usually fall within the middle of the pack

im using the 3:1 weekly build to rest plan with 10-12 hrs total time.

would the wahoo off-road plan be suitable? Should I up the biking? I’m thinking of doing z1/2 commuting to work on a daily basis around 30mins.

Thank you for developing an amazing App! I’m really enjoying it but wondering whether It will include enough biking?

Thanks, Mike

Hello Mike, Welcome to the Wahoo SYSTM Forum! Glad your enjoying the app!!

Based on your triathlon experience, I suggest you begin with a Pre Test Week then pick either the off road triathlon plan where you can train up to 12 hrs per week or go with the 70.3 training plan where you can train up to 15 hrs per week. I suggest you include, Strength, Yoga and MTP. Yes you can add the additional time on the bike with your commute at z1/z2

Be sure to avoid over committing yourself and make the most of your recovery weeks. If you are over 55 or just have a busy schedule and long days you may want to try the 2:1 training cycle Off-Road Tri Plan. Our training plans are build with a focus on quality rather than quantity so you may see a lower TSS score each week. Begin with testing to dial in your baselines for all 3 disciplines and you’ll be good to go

You may find this article helpful-

Happy Training!

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Thank you Simon