Training plan for Leadville 100

Hi All! Im racing at the Leadville 100 this year. I’m currently 5 weeks into the 100 mile gravel grinder plan (loving it so far - w/kg has improved from 3.8 to 4.1 so far). Is this the ideal plan for this race? Any suggestions on what to tackle next once I’m finished in March? The race is in mid August.

Following. I’d like to ride the Leadville 100 some day.

100 Miles gravel is perfect. Leadville 100 is almost a gravel race.

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Hi @Mma01 ,

I probably would have saved the 100 mile GG plan for the final plan leading into Leadville, but you could also use the Mountainous Gran Fondo plan. In the meantime, it looks like you’ll finish the current plan at the end of March/early April, so you’ll still have 18-19 weeks until Leadville. You could take a week of recovery after your current plan, then do the 4 week Volcano climbing plan, maybe another recovery week, then start the Mountainous Gran Fondo plan, or repeat the 100 mile GG plan. Check the calendar on timing, but plan it out by working backwards from event day. Hope that helps and best of luck!


Thank you very much for the thoughtful feedback! I’m going to check out the volcano climbing plan.

Bring this thread back to life…any training plans for Leadville mtb?

Yes and no…we don’t have a Leadville specific plan on offer, but we do have 100 mile MTB race prep plans in the app. I would just make sure you’re getting a lot of climbing in on your weekend rides in order to prep for the climbing demand of Leadville. Really, unless you live in the high mountains and can ride at altitude all the time, you’re kind of forced to do the best you can with what you’ve got (terrain wise) in the climbing/altitude department and can’t really train specifically for that anyway. And actually, if you do live at high altitude and do all your training there, you’d be limited in power output and ability to train at high intensities, so there’s always a trade off.
I’d say load up the 100 mile MTB event prep plan, with as much volume as you can handle and incorporate a good amount of climbing into the weekend rides. When event day comes, know you’ve done the best you can to prepare and try to enjoy the challenge!

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Thank you Suzie

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