Right Plan for mountain bike race 90km, 3000m climbing

Hi community, I’m triaining with Sufferfest for one year now and love it. Beginning of June I hope to be a part of the ortler bike marathon in Italy (if corona allows). I startet the plan xc preseason but I’m afraid its the wrong one. Which plan would you recommend to be perfectly prepared for this race?

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Gravel 100 Miles seems appropriate. Most Xc marathons are mostly on gravel anyway. You have to add a lot of outside hill climbing intervals to adapt you for the amount of climbing.

Hi @bucki !

Another good plan option as a lead into the event in June is the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo plan. There may be a little more climbing focus as compared to the 100 mile Gravel Grinder. Until then, you could stay on the XC MTB preseason plan, and maybe even squeeze in a 2-4 week block plan in between, depending on the timing of when the XC plan finishes. I would also recommend strength training at least until you begin the final plan of your build.
Best of luck!

great, thanks