Training plan screwed up. Advise needed

One year on SUF, doing mostly All-Purpose Road Plan + staying at home due to COVID gave great results. Until the last session. First started the plan immediately after finished the previous plan and made FF. It totally cooked me out. August travel stated again, mess some training but progressed. Finished AVDP without cracking!!! Now back at home in deep jetlag, last week less than 4-hour normal sleep a day + antibiotic for tooth infection. Did Half Monty as the plan asked(stupid me). No surprises there; FTP -20 MAP -46. Now my workouts are automatically adjusted to the new low numbers. What next?
Options are:
stick to the plan with the new numbers.
bring back old numbers and continue (how can I delete the #HM or make so the workout will take FF results?)
roll back the plan a few weeks with the old numbers. Again, how to delete the #HM result.

Yeah - the body won’t be happy and workouts probably worth avoiding while being treated with antibiotics to help the antibiotics work and so on.
Sounds like you might now need a bit of recovery … hopefully the doctors and coaches understand the impact of illness and how training affects things like antibiotics working

Anyway - re numbers - go in to your settings and edit them to the numbers you want. That’s all you need to do. So if it’s desktop then I click in my own name/symbol, head in to workout settings, and edit them back to where they were.

SUF doesn’t mandate your numbers at all - maybe we need a faq for this … I think there must be an article somewhere.

You can set your numbers to any baseline you choose (including LTHR) and just work from there.
I sometimes do that - for example I seem to have lost a lot of capability personally just now so I’ve set them somewhere I think is about right so I can still get workout effort up but not so demoralizing that I can never complete them.
In your case sounds like you need to keep them up there so that you’re working hard enough.

Takes 30s … enjoy.

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Thanks for advice. The annoying is that from now I’ll need every workout to adjust. Every time until next test.
I saw now (do not remember if it was before) possibility to delete the workout. If I’ll delete #HM, will it bring the workouts parameters back?

If you edit your numbers under settings you won’t need to adjust the numbers on every workout, that would only be if you chooses to run an individual workout at a lower intensity.

As difficult as it is, I’d rest up until you’re recovered and off the antibiotics and start fresh from there. It’s better than prolonging or worsening the infection and fatigue.

No, you’re all good the workout settings is fixed - and is the source for all Your workouts.
While tests set those numbers you can reset them and they stay reset. So you never have to do anything until the next test.

Make sense?

In here in the iOS app:
Pic 1 see setting at the bottom. Click on that and you’ll see the screen of your own personal data as shown in pic 1

Select the little arrow beside your numbers as I’ve circled

You’ll then see pic 2 - you can set a custom value for every 4DP and then click Save at the bottom.

Permanently updated going forward.

That help?

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The 4DP numbers in the Passport stay the same, from last FF but when I open the workout it shows the new FTP and MAP.

Once write previous, made the test, went to the profile setting and resaved 4DP numbers. It works.

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Hey Mike,

You can set old 4DP numbers by going to your passport in the app and going to a previous Full Frontal activity. If you click on the activity you will see a box which says: “Apply 4DP Profile”.

As for your other question of where to go now, I would be careful about going straight back to your previous numbers. If you put your plan back a few weeks, I recommend picking a recovery week so the numbers are reduced giving you a better opportunity to get your body back up to speed. Alternatively, once you are up to speed, do the Half Monty workout again and then proceed with the new numbers.

Even the Badass have bad days. I know that article focuses more on within a workout but the message still applies:

**If you can’t maintain the intensity of a given effort, you won’t get the training adaptation you are looking for.


Thanks coach. I’ll follow your advice, freestyle now (great weather outside) up to the end of antibiotic treatment and normal sleep, than rewind to the recovery week of the same plan. that’s 4 weeks back.