Adjusting Training Plan after being sick

Hey Y’all :slight_smile: Context before my question: I have been doing the Road - All Purpose (Intermediate), 12-week training plan, was kicking serious butt through the first 5 weeks, then was pumped and ready for the week where I would do the Half Monty…then my stepdaughter caught Covid :frowning: She’s doing great, finishing quarantine tomorrow, but that was a doozy plus I’m pretty sure I fought it off as I felt wiped the first few days after she got it (never tested positive, but it was something). THEN I hurt my back, and today it’s now finally turned the corner and I should be able to ride free tomorrow or Saturday.

Ok, my questions

  1. It doesn’t seem possible to adjust the 12-week plan so it lines up to where I left off. Obviously I could just not look at the dates and go in order, but wondering if I’m missing something here to adjust the workout dates mid plan for when you get sick or injured, or if people just skip what they miss.

  2. I’m not sure what to do since I’ll have missed almost 2 weeks. Should I just start over? Pick up where I left off as the Half monty week was easy rides except for HM? Or just hop back in to what the schedule says. Not sure how much I’ve lost, etc.


What you do depends on when your A ride is. Is it at the end of the plan? Is it several months away? There is a blog and forum post on what to do if you miss training and have to ‘catch up’. What you do depends on the questions above.

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I would try to step in to where you left off. Then you would get updated numbers from the HM to continue your plan.

To re-adjust plan, simply delete the current plan and then add it with expected end date two weeks later than the current plan, and all the workouts you have missed will then be ready to rock.

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Thank you! I feel like an idiot, but I haven’t heard the term ‘A ride’ before :slight_smile: I’ll search for that post to see if I can find it. Thanks!

Ah perfect! I couldn’t figure out how to tweak the plan in the app, but I see you can do it by choosing ‘from finish’ to set the dates. Thanks so much!

Hey @ryanoelke,
I think it would be pretty safe to start back on the Half Monty week so you get accurate training numbers. Then you can jump back onto the plan wherever it starts you in order to finish when you need to.
Good luck and happy training!


awesome, thank you!