Training plan time or distance


I am doing the wahoo 16 week IM plan. But some of the run and swim session are causing me some confusion.

For example a swim session of broken 200s could take me 1 hour 20 minutes. But it’s in my calendar for an hour .

Am I better to scale the session back to the hour or lengthen out the session to get the full distance in?

So far I have mixed it up depending on time capacity and energy levels.


I was making this plan. I always did the full exercise without looking at the time.

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Thanks Jacek,.

Just put of curiousity, did you finish the plan and how did your race go?

I made the plan very well. between trainings, I put sprint start, olympic distance and half-iron into it. And in the weeks leading up to these events, I did looser training. In my opinion, the most important workouts in the plan are those (Split Brick Race Pace) a few weeks before full IM. It gave me a huge amount of mental readiness for the event. It wasn’t a typical IronMan, just my own project at the distance of a full Iron Man :slight_smile:

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Same here. I always found it a bit presumptuous that a plan could say what the workout is and how long it can take you. As a triathlete, I am a SLOW runner. I can never do any timed running workout at the speeds they dictate.

Do the workout at the EFFORT intended, in whatever time that takes you.


That’s where I will probably end up more often than not. But I suppose when you read any of the ironman books they always recommend training by time. Hence why I was wondering. But if time allows I plan on doing the distance. Otherwise I will try scale it back to do the time.

Thanks folks