Ironman training.... which plan is best?

I have signed up for IMTX in April. I previously was on another training system but I’m shopping around for a different training program.

I entered in the end date as the date to start my plan but it doesn’t seem that starting in Jan is enough? Has anyone had any experience with using a Sufferfest training plan for an Ironman? How did you adjust to start training earlier?

I went through looking at the weekly hours and I did not see super long bike rides. I didn’t see a century ride either. Did I do something wrong or am I missing anything?

Thanks for any advice!

I have used the triathlon plans, for standard, middle and full distance. I like them and achieved my best result in a middle distance last year.

I like the plans because they are based on frequent medium volume rather than occasional long rides. I recently managed 180km on the bike having not ridden more than 50 in one sitting for nearly a year.

It depends on what you consider your strength. I think the plans are swim heavy and run light (relatively) but I quite like that.

I would say that doing only the plan 16 weeks out from the event will get you through it. If you want to perform, you should look at doing something like the Volcano plan before the IM plan to give your legs a lot of volume-through-intensity.

Hey Angela,

Welcome to the Sufferfest. Many athletes have used the 16 week plan and achieved their goal. Now if you do have more time to train, doing a plan beforehand will help you strengthen your base fitness.

However, if you would like something a little bit more specific to you, we also offer customised plans