Coaching for IM Distance Tri

Hi all. I’m contemplating an IM distance Tri - have never done one before. Two questions:

  1. Thoughts on time to prepare? Looking at Wisconsin which is in September. Enough time?
  2. Any thoughts on coaching? Worth it? Not worth it? Any recommendations?


  1. You have more than enough time to prepare. However, this ‘begs’ the question of have you done ANY triathlon events before?
  2. SYSTM customized coaching can definitely help. I would start with a ‘Call with a Coach’ and work through it from there. I know that at least two coaches work routinely with people who do two and three sports.
    Lastly, enjoy your event. I hope the water warms up quite a bit or you will be suited up!

Thanks J. Yes, have done a bunch of tris and four half IMs - only did one well (ha!). I’ll look into the Call with a Coach option. Appreciate it!

Ironman doing friends of mine have said: “training for a full IM, work, family—pick two.” I’m impressed with anyone who takes on a full IM. Crush it!

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A full is a completely different animal as the others are eluding to. Here are some initial questions that I ask when talking with athletes looking to complete this challenge:

Is your family on board for this?
What is your current fitness level?
How well do you recover?
What motivates you to complete this?
How good are you at adhering to a schedule?

Feel free to reach out or we can open discuss here. I would be more than happy to help you get started in the right direction.

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