Training plan to do?

Hi all,

I am new to systm and have done my 1st Full Frontal (4DP Test). It says I am a sprinter (but I know I don’t have the engine to get to the end of a race to sprint : ) FTP 230, MAP – 274, AC 338, and NM 929.

Now I what to start a training plan. I will be doing a number of different kinds of races – my road races will be starting around May – some will be around 40km, some pretty flat and others will be Max of about 600m climbing, all laps, each lap about 15km – I would be aiming at the more rolling/flat races. (I expect the race to last between 1hr and max 2hrs)

Then I will be doing some races about 60km to 90km same as above with each lap about 15km to 30km but will take longer to complete and more climbing. (I expect the race to last between 2hr to 3hrs)

I am looking for a training plan of about 6hrs to 8hrs a week just on the bike (moderate volume). The only problem I can see is I will be doing all my training on Monday to Friday and also doing a Zwift race on a Tue evening. Would it be bad to complete all my training season 5 days in a row with two rest days on Sat and Sun.

Should I do the:

Road – Target event - Metric Century (where is the base part of this plan) or

Road – Target event - Criterium (where is the base part of this plan) or

General fitness – Building Blocks and take them one by one – Base then Tempo then Threshold then MAP

As I am all need to this structured training any help would be great

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I’ve got nothing particularly useful to offer you here but did want to welcome you!

I’m sure others will weigh in with suggestions and recommendations that actually will be helpful. My only thought is, with your very specific plans and goals you might want to consider a call with a coach.

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Just thinking out loud, there doesn’t seem to be an exact precision to the schedule of the plans but the higher intensity workouts are generally on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday and Friday are often clear and Sunday is often an Endurance ride. This assumes that the plan starts on a Monday

i.e. the intense workouts are separated by a less intense day or two. If the Tuesday race classes as an intense workout (and why would you race not-intensely) then you can’t keep the same day between gaps and still hit the 3-a-week program

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