Training plans roo easy

am I alone in finding training plans too easy. Too much zone 2 not enough hard stuff… I am not improving, yet pre accident my numbers were higher. I should be able to get back to similar level

What plan are you doing and how recently and how frequently have you done Full Frontal 4dp?


Not me. I have found every plan challenging.
How come you have a lot of Z2 in your plan? What plan is it?

There are training benefits to riding at Z2, especially for building a good endurance base.


What are your training goals?
If you are aiming for an event, how close are you to that event?

When you are in power zone 2, in what zone is your heart rate?


If you complete a legit FF, training plans will be close to optimal. There usually will be a couple of challenging workouts a week with the rest of the workouts having low intensity. This is proven to work the best in terms of increasing fitness. To do a legit FF, I recommend doing the 7 day test prep plan that includes a HM on day three and the FF on day 7. The plan gives a consistent and good lead-in to the FF and the HM results set suggested targets for the FF which greatly helps pacing.


I generally do a couple of centuries a year. Last in Sept , I had 121 miles done when I had an accident, broke 4 ribs, sternum, and two fingers.

These are usually Sportives.

I am not really riding outdoors much at present, my aim is to get numbers where they were last year. When circumstances permit outdoor riding will resume. So I chose the All purpose plan.

Typically if I chose the 100 mile plan, it usually had. Boring 3 + hour endurance ride on a Sunday. I would do a club ride instead, 50 miles or so at a reasonable pace.

In the old days you would get a nice hard ride like ISLTA, or ISLAGIATT etc on a Sunday, so if weather was poor, I would do that instead. Now I am just plateauing at too ow a level

Not sure it’s fair to blame the plans here. If you’re not improving it could be any number of things including not testing often enough, or not putting out max efforts when testing. It could be your post injury capacity, age, it could even be that you’re not getting outdoors much like prior to the accident.

Also, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing in ISLAGIATT or ISLTA on the weekend if you feel you’d like the extra challenge.

Edit: I’ll add that 100 mile plans or any plan where there is a goal of a longish event is gonna have some boring AF long endurance rides cuz volume is all part of that type of event. Like you, if I was doing a plan like that, I’d also sub the looong boring rides for an outdoor group ride. Or, I’d do an indoor climbing ride on Zwift or RGT but just manage my effort.

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You need to follow the plan and test at week six. There’s usually HM at that point. Give it everything. Also, there’s nothing preventing you from swapping out Endurance 3 for ISLAGIATT. Just remember, you are coming back from a serious injury and you don’t want to end up back were you started.

I test easily often enough.

I amp certain there is a serious downgrading of toughness.

I am adding all sorts of tougher rides
The one that really pushed me was Ventoux denivele
I could not manage without stopping

@Stonechat Why not swap in ISLTA or ISLAGIATT or one of the ProRides? It is pretty easy to do.