Bike Camp

In 3 weeks i’m going on my first bike camp to Gran Canaria. 10 days of riding.

I am on the All purpose plan with high volume.

What are your tips for the next 3 weeks to get ready?
What should i ride in these 10 days?

I read almost every article, but i’m still unsure.

Some say taking long rides to get the basemiles in. Enjoying the fresh warm air. Getting ready for the season.

I have no problems sitting 4hr on the trainer indoors doing zone 2. So Only Z2 is out for me.

Then I could do long Z1/Z2 with intervals everyday.

Or should i stick with the 20:80 and hard day hard, easy day easy?

Ramp up the Volume from 10hrs week to maybe 30 and enjoing Sufferfest rides outdoor?

Should i increase the volume now (15hrs) and do a recovery week bevor the camp?

I want to train my head accepting to suffer for longer hard intervals like the 5min MAP Test in FF.
Just accepting the Pain.

Oooh this suffering will be awesome²

My practice for this kind of thing has led me to sticking with a rest week before traveling (with some activation) and in the period prior to the rest week training as I normally do (ether in a plan or made up plan).

For the rest week I can recommend the FF prep week plan (cycling/ fitness test prep/ full frontal prep) which you can find in the library. I’ve done my own thing before, and followed this plan before, and the structured nature has ended up feeling like the best outcome for me.

I do it for one day things, one week things, whatever.

As for the prior 2w before that it depends on where you are in your plan. The plan you’re on should be perfect though. If it has a rest week just before your taper week then you might have a decision to make but otherwise crack on​:muscle::muscle:

And have a FAB FAB trip :slight_smile:

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Hey @TimoK ,
Stick to the plan you are on. This weekend will be your biggest one , you’ll reduce volume 2 weeks out then the week of , treat it like a taper week and your camp as the event(s)
Enjoy the camp!!