I feel like the training plans are under-training me

I’ve spent the last 4 weeks baffled at the training sessions I’ve been doing on my pre-season MTB training plan. They’re mostly 30 minutes long (including warm up) and set at extremely low percentages of my 4DP profile, lower than my average rest rides. The programme said it’d be for building you up for a season, but it seems to me as if something’s wrong in fact. I have to double the percentage of what the programme has automatically set me on. Can anyone else relate or give insight?

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Have you done a Full Frontal test yet?
That is pretty much a core requirement for the training plans, so it is built against your personal figures.

I’ve had to step up my percentages quite a lot as I’ve recovered my fitness reasonably rapidly, having only started SUF in July after a break from sports, but that is still only ~11% I’m cranking them until my HM this Sunday. Doubling is truly huge if it’s based on a Full Frontal established 4DP profile.

At the same time, coming from a background of serious sport, even on a full General Purpose Road - Advanced plan, the workload feels light to me in terms of total load, but with an 11% crank in figures after ~6 weeks the power levels at least seem roughly correct.

If you’ve not done FF, then drop everything, do the Full Frontal preparation plan, then restart after that.
If you have done FF and you’re sure you paced it at least roughly right, then allow me to shrug my shoulders, sorry…


Ah, I’ve only done a Half Monty. And my wahoo HR monitor strap has snapped, again, so that probably hasn’t helped my results. No that does help, thank you very much, will get straight on that!