Training Reference Guide

Apology for bombarding with new topics, but could the Minions help update the handy-dandy guidance if they are not fully updated yet? Noticed the date is Jan 2019 and The Tool Shed wasn’t there when I really needed it this morning!



Hi, @fairushariri.

Did you already contact the minions ( with this request? I think this is the best way to make sure they update it.

I hope your workout went well, even without the guide.

Tool-Shed is a Mash-up and combines Nine Hammers with The Shovel.
It’s shorter but similar to The Kitchen Sink.

In my opinion (not a coach!), you can safely assume that the recommendations for the other workouts are similar to yours.

Which means:

  • Focus on: Power
  • Feeling Bad: Soft pedal through the first invervals or lower intensity by 5-10%.
  • Feeling Good: Turn ERG off and go by RPE.

I don’t agree 100% on the recommendation to use ERG mode. Personally, I like the intervals in The Shovel in Level mode much more.

Hope this helps (when you tackle it again :slight_smile: )