Triathlon Base Training


I’m on the 14 day free trial so I’m still pretty green to The Suffest but have used TrainerRoad in the past. I’m struggling to find a triathlon base plan on here, is there not one or am I just being blind?

I really like the idea of a plan that factors in yoga & strength as well as tri training but all I can see are the 12-16 week multisport plans. My A race is Sept 2021 with Tri’s not starting till May, what’s the best plan to follow until starting a multisport plan 12 weeks before my A race?

Hey Grant,
Welcome to the app, I hope you’ve enjoyed your workouts so far!
For triathlon plans, the ‘multisport’ tab is the best place to start and remember you can also select novice, intermediate or advanced depending on if you are getting back into it or building for an upcoming event. We do also have a few other ones:

  • All In: For Triathlon/Multisport
  • Transition: Ramp up/Ramp down