Base Training For Triathlon

I am getting ready to plan my next season. This year I want to have a better base phase. I want to improve my running and found a program for that that has me doing mostly easy runs 3-4 times per week. I can probably do all runs in 40-50 minutes with longer runs being maybe 75 minutes. It should build up to slightly longer runs and a few tempo efforts, but this is only in the last two weeks. I also intend to have two short swim sessions a week. Both in the 30-45 minutes.

I am wondering what would be my best option for the bike. Do I just add the base building block and do a couple of the bike workouts? Should I just pick two bike workouts that work my base?

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Our multi sport plans would be a goood guide for you in regards to number of rides/week. You could also look at the all-in plan. Although it contains a fair amount of strength you can look at the cycling we recommend on there.

The base plan would work for you but this is only a 4 week block with a lot of rides per week.

Another option could be a customised plan if you wanted to go down that route and discuss your training in more detail with a coach:


Just had the chance to sit down and compare and looks like the all in programs would probably be a good fit for what I am trying to do. It has just the right amount of cycling with intensity to maintain or even improve it while leaving me with enough time to do my runs. I may be able to knock out one of the bikes and replace it with a swim since pools are open where I live (as of right now).

I forgot to mention I am strength training 3x per week already and probably will until February. Mostly deadlifts, front squats, and kettlebell work. I like the SUF strength workouts I can pair them nicely with weights.

I think it gives an awesome template to work with and if pools happen to close again (the county next us did last week) I have a program that will help me keep my swim fitness!

I do see is only for 4 weeks would I just re test and repeat again?

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I would repeat but increase a level (beginner-> intermediate or intermediate-> advanced)


I am excited to add this new block of training to my calendar! It is going to be exciting and painful. Pain shakes coming right up lol.