Triathlon Training Plans


Its quite hard to find any information online about these plans. Have you taken on a Tri (race) plan. How did you find it? Where you happy with it?

I typically pick up a plan every year but this year I chose to use the Systm Triathlon training plan, and I have to say, for a Sprint distance plan, I’m a little shocked by the volume.

The Systm Sprint Tri Race Plan is by far the most involved plan I have had to date, and i’m not sure that thats a good thing or not. I did chose a 10 hour plan to be fair; however that’s typical for me for unstructured training. But there are sessions which look overkill i.e. 2hour ride + 45min brick run :woozy_face:

How have you found your Tri Training plans?

I’ve done the middle distance plan a couple of times. I found that there was a lot of swimming - much more than my liking as I’m a strong swimmer and my season’s training usual consists of doing nothing for 6 months then a quick dip the week before a race.

Whilst this wasn’t a bad thing, as a result I felt that the volume for the other disciplines were not as high as I had expected/liked. I substituted things in but it felt to me like I was building half the plan myself.

This aside, I like the way the plans were put together. I’m planning on a custom plan for later this year so that I can address this more appropriately (also planned that last year, injury and wellness dictated otherwise).

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