Multisport training plans


Anyone used the multisport training plans and would you recommend??

I’m doing the Outlaw full (uk) in July next year and trying to sort a training plan out. I used trainerroad for my last full distance and found it very mediocre.

I’ve used the sufferfest bike plans before and would definitely recommend those, just wondering how the swim/run workouts fare


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I have used the Sufferfest (as they were then) plans for a half and full tri (although my full was postponed due to COVID - I’ll get there one day!).

I would recommend them because I like the cycling videos and that’s enough entertainment for me.

I found the swimming and running plans to be “Suf” like but, having a heavy swim bias from my youth, I thought the swim plan was a bit light for my skills and the running felt very much a “get you through it” plan (which suited me).

Depending on where you think your best discipline lies, you may consider a custom plan (at cost) if you have specific achievements and goals.

Why do you say the swimming and running parts are “get you through it”? I am considering following the half distance plan (probably moderate volume). I’ve completed several 70.3’s using low volume 80/20 plans (2 swims, 2 bikes and 2 runs). I would consider those “get you through it”.

You misunderstood a little.

Not the swimming but the running I felt was “get me through it” because I didn’t feel that I was targeting a time for the run, it just felt like a volume to survive the run.

I’m a very lazy swimmer because I have been a competitive swimmer in my youth, so I didn’t push hard through the plan because I knew that I could cruise the swim and conserve energy but still finish the swim quite high up the field.

Got it, thanks!

I was not a swimmer growing up so I have found the swim workouts pretty good. I guess it all depends on your background.

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@Stewnew The Multisport Training Plans cater for all levels, distance and takes into account how much time you have available to train each week. If like @titanicus you have a greater experience in a certain discipline you can always exchange a workout with a more challenging option as our Swim and Run Libraries are very extensive in SYSTM.

As @bfrostie has found out through experience, our Multisport Plans don’t just focus on the basic 80/20 premise but rather race specific efforts with a mix of technique and intensity. You also have the option to add Strength and Yoga to Training Plans. These two elements should always be included in your training! If you want the added benefit of Mental Training, add that in as well, as it can be very beneficial to your training and race day performance!

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