Trouble running the new SYSTM app on Windows

Installed the app.
All looked good so uninstalled the old Sufferfest app.
Tried running todays planned workout but the video would not run.
Looked in settings and found a switch described as “it may help with older video cards”.
No idea what my video card is or how old it is, so flicked switch and completed the prompted restart.
When opening the SYSTM app all I get now is a white screen.
I have uninstalled it, updated windows, reinstalled the SYSTM app, still only get the white screen.
Any ideas please?

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Your best bet is to contact the support team,
I have a 10-year-old laptop and it ran find for me.

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I have the same issue. Have you got yours resolved yet? I’ve exhausted all options and not sure what to try next:

Windows fully updated
Deleted and reinstalled video card driver
Ran system file checker - no errors
Deleted and re-downloaded installer and ran as administrator
Turned off McAfee etc.

Always best to contact the minions for tech support but I’ve read that as well as uninstalling the app the recommendation is also to delete any remaining data files before doing the new install if things have gone funky. That’ll give you a clean start. Look for the SYSTM folders under C:\Users\ <you> \AppData\Local and C:\Users\ <you> \AppData\Remote and delete them. Note that you’ll lose all your settings (e.g. connected devices, display preferences etc) and any downloads.


I had the same issue folks… with this version and the last release of Suf v6.23

The fix is to run the program in compatibility mode. Windows 8 mode worked for me. (Running Win10 obvs)

Right click and open up properties of Systm app and go to the troubleshooting compatibility.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks guys, unfortunately no change.

I’ve had a response from support asking me to reinstall but I’ve tried that multiple times.

What an evening. Pleased to say I am all up and running. (Hope you get sorted soon WelshGoats.)
Thank you Sir James !
Did as you suggested, also took the step of removing the reference to SYSTM in the registry.
Re-installed and all worked except that the video quality and streaming smoothness were awful, but I got through a workout with memories of old CRT TV quality in the late 70s.
Moved onto Zwift, (just to check), and the graphics would not render correctly.
Noticed there was an update available for my graphics card, completed this, re-installed Zwift, another PC restart, and all works great.
Zwift renders perfectly, and the Sufferfest videos are as good a quality as ever.
Little annoyed of what I have been through, but finally happy with the outcome.
Fingers crossed all is OK tomorrow “Team Scream” is on the plan for the evening after work.


Thanks for the feedback, did not need to take this step in the end, but will certainly remember it if any future issues are encountered.


Good news! SYSTM is now working on my pc.

Turns out it was a faulty or incapable graphics card - hence the white screen. I popped in a Nvidia Geforce 1030 and works great!

Funny how Sufferfest worked fine but glad its now sorted.