Systm shows only a white screen

So after many years using The Sufferfest, even before it was an online thing and they only had videos, I downloaded the Wahoo Systm app to my PC (Windows 10) and when the app opens all I get is a white screen. This appears to be a problem that others are having and Wahoo support has not been able to help me fix this. First they had me uninstall and reinstall but that did not work. Then they had me run a compatibility test but that did not work either. This is so disappointing because I loved The Sufferfest but it appears that I will have to cancel my subscription and go on to Zwift or one of the many other options.

Has anybody been able to fix this issue a different way than the Wahoo support has suggested?

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There have been a few people successfully fixing this on this thread:

Just in case that helps.

Cheers, Martin.

That was the first thing that Wahoo support suggested and it did not work. They have not been able to come up with an answer. It is a shame because I love Suff but will apparently have to move on to another platform since Wahoo can’t make one that will work for everyone

What version of Windows 10 is on your PC? Run winver.exe to check it. It should be 1903 or higher.

What graphics card do you have in your PC? If it was NVIDIA (or laptop with two GPUs and one of the being NVIDIA) then you could change graphics settings for SYSTM app in the NVIDIA Panel. That may help, and I can assist you with that, if you wish.


I’ve seen some comments saying that running it in Windows 8 compatibility mode solves white screen. Maybe that’s what you meant by “run a compatibility test” but if not probably worth a go. You have to change the property for the executable that launches SYSTM.


That thread has a variety of solutions in it.
Can you let us k ow which one didn’t work ((or was it all the solutions didn’t work?))

I just do not understand why Wahoo cannot make a program that works on my computer, a computer that runs Sufferfest, Zwift, RGT, Rouvy, as well as music production and video editing (which both have somewhat higher PC requirements). If I was the only person that had this problem it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and I’d just move on…but this is obviously a known problem that it appears many people are dealing with. That is what pisses me off, that Wahoo took a great app and ruined it for a lot of people.

No worries.

If there’s anything else we as a community can do to help then pls shout

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